Armin Haller, MBA PhD FOAF_Armin_Haller

Armin Haller

I am an Associate Professor at the Australian National University with a joint appointment in the Research School of Management and the Research School of Computer Science. I act as the Manager of the Australian office of the W3C. Prior, I have been a Research Scientist at Data61 of CSIRO, Australia.

I received my PhD from the National University of Ireland, Galway under the supervision of Manfred Hauswirth and Stefan Decker while I was working in DERI. My PhD thesis work was centred around the application of ontologies to workflow models. Most of this research has been carried out in the SFI funded m3pe project and in the EU funded SUPER project. Earlier, I was also involved in the WSMO and WSMX working groups. I am currently leading a project with the Department of Finance to develop an ontology framework for government information.

My general research interests are Knowledge Graph Engineering, Ontology Engineering and the semantic Web in general. Recently, I have been chairing the Semantic Sensor Network Ontology working group of the W3C. I have also been chairing the Australian Government Linked Data Working Group that works to improve the accessibility of government data since 2013.